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YOur Mission:

Make An Impact.

We help new & aspiring nonprofit founders eliminate the guesswork when it comes to growing ideas from passion projects to thriving organizations.


Our Mission

Nonprofit Springboard is on a mission to empower and enable new and aspiring nonprofit founders to get their organizations off the ground so they can make a difference. We provide resources, content and community curated specifically to guide founders through the startup phase of their organizations. Our goal is to give these founders the support they need to become nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs with a thriving organization.

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How We Can Help

You want to get your organization up, running, and making an impact as quickly and easily as possible. Nonprofit Springboard creates resources, provides access to community, and facilitates nonprofit founder masterminds to help you do just that.


Articles & case studies

Find articles on nonprofit fundraising, board of directors, team-building, programming, navigating setup, and more.

Nonprofit founder community

Meet other nonprofit founders so you can talk about the nitty-gritty of making an impact. Trade notes, ask questions, and get support.


Nonprofit founder mastermind

Work with other nonprofit founders to navigate launching and building your organization.


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